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Paul gave his first speech in sixth grade. He was being paid to speak at the age of 16. He’s guaranteed to educate, encourage and entertain. And Paul has given more than 1,500 presentations.

As a public speaking trainer, he has personally helped over 35,000 presenters strengthen their presentation skills and make more money speaking.

“Paul is my FAVORITE speaker ever.” Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive. Author, speaker, consultant to the Ziglar Corporation and Google.

“Paul has a knack for engaging audiences–and teaching others how to do the same. He makes the difficult seem doable by providing simples, practical steps”. ~ Erin Casey, editor Success Magazine

“Paul Evans is an incredible speaker and human being.  He has overcome devastating tragedy with humor and grace, and his indomitable spirit mesmerizes his audiences. I love his authenticity and his stories; he is such a great inspiration.” Snowden McFall, author of Fired Up! and Stress Express!

“Paul Evans is a motivating, truthful and profound teacher and speaker.  He keeps his message simple but there is a very deep truth to all that he says.  For those ready to step up to influence and impact in a powerfully positive way, Paul is the man to follow.  One of Paul’s recent articles on 5 ways to Influence and Impact impressed me so much that I asked his permission to re-print it in an Executive Guide for which I am editor.  Paul’s wisdom has the potential to be that ripple that prompts leaders to create waves of uplifting change.” ~Dawn Z Bournand, International author, speaker and entrepreneur Founder and Director, Fabulously Successful

“Paul Evans manages to achieve that rare combination with his public speaking skills. He takes the audience on a journey. He engages, he entertains, he makes difficult subjects easy to understand and implement, and he does it all with integrity and charm. He’s one of the most authentic presenters I’ve had the pleasure to work with, so when he shares his insights on how to do what he does so successfully, in a way that seems effortless – listen up!” ~ Tanya Smith, founder of

“Paul Evans is like a breath of fresh air.  His honesty, his transparency, and his wisdom have gotten me through several times of wanting to give up on my dream and my business.  When he speaks, you can hear his heart and it speaks of a real desire to help other people grow and change their lives.  When Paul’s emails come into my inbox, I read them immediately because I know he’s going to have a nugget of truth that’s going to encourage and challenge me.” ~ Ginny Edwards, Health Makeover Coach

“I’m going to confess that I’m not the best listener when it comes to event speakers.  If I become the slightest bit disinterested in what the speaker has to say, I tend to start checking my e-mail on my smart phone, writing my “to do” list for the next day, or simply wandering off to La La land. I’ve never done that while listening to Paul Evans. His words always captivate me.  I am stuck like glue . Reminiscent of Zig Ziglar.” ~ Shelly Webb

“I highly recommend Paul Evans, Paul is a phenomenal speaker and trainer, he is one of the most captivating speakers I’ve ever heard. Paul is the real deal, a man of so much integrity with a genuine passion for helping others”. Christian Baker

“I recently experienced working with Paul Evans in London and I was immediately struck his style.  He is possibly one of the most authentic, natural speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to and his teaching style emulates this.  His abillity to communicate on an effective level to everyone in the room on both on content and engagement is outstanding.  My first speaking engagement to a large audience was just a couple of days after and I have no doubt it transformed my performance to the point that I actually enjoyed it!” Jennie HK, Lifestyle Strategist

“Paul is one of the few online marketing educators that I actually listen to and take advice from. He gave me a few tips for the launch of one of my membership sites which helped me receive over 250 monthly paying members in 4 days.

His products, training courses, and membership sites are some of the best around. Not because the information is so much more advanced than others teaching the same thing (although that is the case as well), but because Paul has a way of teaching that helps you receive the most out of the materials in the least amount of time. He is a “no fluff” kinda guy.

As a individual, he is one of the most genuine and ethical guys I have met in the business world and in every day life.

If you are ever considering doing one on one coaching, joining his master mind group, attending one of his events, picking up one of his many products, or simply have the opportunity to watch him speak on a webinar or in person… I fully believe it will be one of the best choices you make as there aren’t to many gentlemen out there who share the level of integrity that Paul Evans does.

As Paul would say, “Success is NOT an Accident”, and you will achieve the success you want when you start learning from him.” Lewis Howes, author of LinkedWorking

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Successful public speaking consists of three elements:

1. Content.A message packed with practical, easy to remember and useful information.

2. Confidence. Knowing that what you share will be valuable and useful, and that you are the one to share it.

3. Connection. You must be able to draw the audience into the message. That’s what brings the laughter, the tears, the standing ovations.

Not only will the combination of those three erase your fear, they will keep you from being dull and boring. And whatever you do - don’t be dull and boring. Nothing’s worse than looking into the audience’s eyes…and they’re closed! :-)

Public speaking, presenting, teaching, instructing – however you want to label it – is critical to your success in life. Whether you are on a stage, a call, a webinar or writing a book the way you communicate effects the outcome.

Think you’re not a speaker?

Too bad.

If you tweet you speak! :-)

In fact, in today’s word public speaking integrates with every area of our lives. From Facebook to blogs, almost everyone is publically communicating.

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